Thursday, April 24, 2008

March 23, 2007- Houston, We Have a Website

Well our website is up, albeit in a skeletal manner. I will work diligently on adding content on a regular basis. I hope you'll visit often.

We are in full baby-watch mode at BHF. Challenge is due to kid March 29, followed by Peggy Sue and Jade on April 6. Peggy Sue and Jade are absolutely enormous. Last night while I was milking Patty, Jade decided to lie down for a bit. Once down she started this crazy talking/groaning thing that previously I had only heard from Challenge. (Who talks when she is sleeping, even while not heavily pregnant) I'll try to get a video clip - it's so sweet, but also kind of sad. I guess she's not terribly comfortable right now. It being our first kidding season, it took all I had not to panic and call Christian screaming that she was in early labor. She is not in early labor. :

Patty's babies are eating every last drop of milk she is making, so there is no new cheese for friends and family right now. We pick up her sister Kelly and two more doelings on Sunday, so we'll have two milkers and five mouths to feed. We'll see if there is anything left for humans when the new balance is struck.

We are officially putting our Houston house on the market next week, which will allow us to finally dedicate our full focus on getting the dairy building up. That is the first step in getting our licenses, so we hope it will go well. I will continue to post updates as we make progress. Thank you for checking in with us - I hope you'll stay tuned.

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