Monday, April 28, 2008

Cub Scout Pack 343:The Tour

Yesterday we had the boys from Cub Scout Pack 343 and their families out to the farm for a tour. These guys are Tiger scouts on their way to being Wolf scouts next year. They are a great group of kids and we hope they had fun.

We're still new at the tour thing, but our basic tour for kids shows them all the different animals we have on the farm and as we get to each animal, we talk about what that animal's job is. At the end, we eat cheese. (At least the grownups do...some kids are still not so sure about goat cheese.)

The highlight, of course, is the baby goats. No one can resist baby goats. :)

We've noticed that most kids really like the chickens, too. These guys were the first group of kids who didn't go nuts chasing them, but instead approached quietly - which was rewarded with the chance to pet them. Tame chickens rock.

We hope to do more tours soon. They are still by appointment only, but some day we might add a regular monthly tour day to make it easier for people to just drop in.

Thank you to scout mom Kelly Balser for the photos.

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