Thursday, April 24, 2008

March 20, 2008 – Snowballs in March

Five goats milking, one due any day, eight more to kid in April. Things are snowballing at BHF.

Today we went out and met with the fabulous people at Home Sweet Farm, in Brenham.

I am VERY pleased to announce that we will be participating in their monthly Market Days. You should check out their website for more information, but basically they run a small, natural, sustainable farm that sells CSA shares. Besides feeding a great many people in their CSA with fabulous fruits and veggies, once a month they invite other small production farmers to come sell meats, cheeses, breads and whatever else locals are growing and producing. Blue Heron Farm will be the next small farm added to that family. Please check out their site and come see us there on April 20 if you can.

On Monday we met with Lindsey and Kendra: the Houston Dairymaids. Yet another fabulous pair of people (we meet a lot of great folks in the goat and food circles) – they promote local cheese makers to the Houston market. They came out and sampled our stuff and took a lot of photos. I believe we’ll be making their blog site, soon. (I’ll warn you – my hair was a mess and I didn’t think to put on makeup. Yow!) Anyway, they have the coolest business. I am so happy to have people out there who are really passionate about good food. And to have them like our cheese? Well, even better. I encourage you to check them out if you are interested in local foods, and especially cheese.

The final big news this week is that site traffic is picking up and we are about to meet our first on-farm customers. Yay! We are still on an “email ahead” plan for on-farm sales, as we just don’t have time to build and man a farm stand right now. …but one day we’ll have a regular day and a regular set of hours. I promise.

We are also getting ready to start our big “private party” order. I can’t TELL you how nice it is to be working in a big dairy kitchen. My whole first year of learning to make cheese was in our home kitchen – and as much as I loved it, the added space and big 3-bay dishwashing sink are just sooo much better. We heard once that being a cheese maker is about 80% washing dishes. Truer words have never been spoken.

So that is our fabby week in a nutshell. Things are really coming together and we could not be happier about being goat farmers. We hope you’ll have our cheese soon.

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