Thursday, April 24, 2008

March 10, 2008 – Ramping Up

Yesterday we had two births at BHF, bringing our total of does in milk to 4 and counting. We are ready to start business!

We’re giving some the milk to kids this week, but will start making cheese in small batches starting today. (I made mozzarella yesterday for homemade pizza. Mmmmmmmmmm.) We will steadily ramp up production until we become market-ready the last week in March. At that time, we’ll put out our Farmer’s Market schedule, but cheese will be available starting next week if you want to pick it up at the farm. You can just email us to put in an order and to let us know when you’d like to come get it. At this time all cheeses are $1/ounce and are sold in 8 ounce packages.

Today we will be applying to sell at the Bayou City Farmer’s Market – and if all goes well, we plan to make that our primary Houston outlet. I’ll update that as we get that information. We may have to delay our market days slightly, however, as we recently made a big sale for a private party on April 2. We are really, really excited about this opportunity and hope you will be happy for us, rather than bummed about a slight delay in getting YOU cheese.

We still have 10 goats left to kid by the end of April, so we’re really jut at the beginning of the season. I’ll try to put up blog entries more often now, since we definitely have achieved forward motion. I’ll also try to get a few new photos up. There is NOTHING cuter than baby goats. Here’s a little thumbnail you can click to see what I mean.

Check back soon!

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