Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My once-a-year Saturday off

You are not going to believe this crap.

So I get super excited about my first Saturday off since May and we plan to head out of town to some new flea markets and junk shops. Our idea of fun - work with it.

We get 13 miles east of town - to the first real town on the way - and as we turn north, the power steering goes out and we coast into the parking lot of an auto parts store.

Just the day before we had picked up the car from the garage where we had a crank-case seal replaced. A bummer, but (expensive) problem solved. Except that they apparently faltered a little on putting it back together. Ahem. Christian called the garage and got lucky that the owner was in. He said he'd send a tow truck and it would be there in 30 minutes. Only it wasn't.

Here is how I spent my day off.

Bracing for a 30-minute wait.

The view from the car.

Oh, the irony.

45 minutes and counting.

Thank god for car nuts.

...and XM radio.

Christian buys 15 minutes worth of entertainment.

This stuff cleans everything.

Wow. It's brighter in here already.

The original 1998 window sticker. You can find neat things when you're stuck for over an hour and counting.

We shouldn't have stopped in bat country.

12:00 alreay?! I LOVE This American Life.

More for something to do than any great desire for corn syrup, I walk to McDonalds. This might be the first time in 15 years I've been to a McDonalds.

Eventually, when the day is totally blown, the truck comes.

View of the shop where the car is...again.... as seen from my walk home.

I can see my house from here!

Now, to be fair, Larry was very apologetic about the car. He paid for the tow and fixed it correctly. But still and all. One Saturday off a year. Larry, my friend. You are no longer my friend, my friend.


Michael@greenakeys.com said...

Sweet mother of tie rods and tire chains.

Well, at least you dont have to go to pick up the kids 3 hours early from school because its drizzling.

It just MIGHT be icy later on this afternoon. But its not now.

At least we have the Roomba to clean our floors. That saves HOURS of time.

Michael@greenakeys.com said...

Hey, the google analytics website is FUN!

We have had visitors from Italy and Pakistan already.

Wierd and wacky. You should definitely try google.com/analytics and see who is accessing your blog and website.

We loves it!

Katherine said...

Great blog post about a sucky day. I'm so sorry!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your crappy 1 day off. You jinxed yourself. You can keep it from happening again by taking more days off. Yeah, easier said than done. I know the place you get your car fixed. My DH used to sell tools there to the guy before Larry.

Blue Heron Farm said...

Larry's alright. It was one of his employees who put it back together the first time. He fixed it. Admitted he should have double checked it as the owner. He really was great about it. I shouldn't bad mouth poor Larry.

...I would still recommend him, wasted Saturday and all. Lord knows - my blog being a record - that crap like this happens to all of us.

RevRon's Rants said...

Sorry to hear about your "day off." If you ever find yourself stuck again, give us a shout (936-372-3009 - delete the number form the comment if you can, please!). We live just down the road from you, in the old ranch manager's house on Bud Adams' place, and will definitely be stopping by soon to see your operation & snag some goat cheese!

We've been really happy with Larry & Cari, but I guess he (or his employee) had a bad day.

BTW - Love your site, not to mention the attitude it communicates.

Cosmic Connie said...

I'm truly sorry to hear about your sucky day off, but I am delighted to have discovered your site and blog. I'm "RevRon's" partner, and we just visited the site for the first time today, thanks to a dear friend who informed us that he'd bought some goat cheese supplied by your farm to a Houston Costco. "These people are your neighbors!" he said, and indeed you are. We are delighted to see that you guys are located are so close to us, and we look forward to arranging for a tour soon.

I love goats, and, more than that, I love goat cheese. To quote from the immortal Monty Python film, "Life of Bryan": "Blessed are the cheesemakers." Yea!