Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Life is not fair

On Sunday, a perfect storm of events shortened Daisy's tenure as house goat in a way that can only be described as supremely unfair. (If you're a house goat, that is.)

1. The Hydes came to to get their goats - including Poinsettia's playmates.
2. Lucinda became a mom (Yay, Lucy!) and -- well, you know how it goes when the new model comes out.

That day, Daisy (the name the Roussel family picked for the cute little black goat)went to the backyard fun palace to be with Poinsettia, and this little girl moved into her bedroom.

All three goats will be moving to their new homes this Saturday, so even this one's house days are numbered. She'll probably go out to play for the bulk of the day today. The weather looks good for it.

We have one more goat due this month - date unknown and then we'll get a break until mid-February. Our waiting list has shortened enough that I'll start having to advertise goats for sale soon. If you're in the market, let us know. More cuteness is on the way.

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