Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lo Update

I forgot to post that by the next morning, Loretta was fine.

My mom pointed out that she didn't know what Loretta would necessarily look like normally, so the photos didn't seem so shocking. So here she is without all the swelling.

I know it's not nice, but I look at the other two photos a few times a day and crack up every time. I'm pretty sure it probably hurt, and it seems cruel to laugh, but honestly - the blown up lips are just so funny. It's like Meg Ryan or Lisa Rinna. Total collagen vanity case.


abarr said...

We bought one of your lovely Chevre cheeses this morning at the farmers market near Richmond. You make a really nice chevre. I was looking at all your goat pics on line and it just really brought back memories of my 2 nubians ,Cleo and Layla. You esp made me laugh(and remember) with your comments on how the goats get this dorky look sometimes, it's soooo true and funny. So now I'm remembering all the different baas and bleats that used to crack me up too, esp when we didn't get to the food fast enough for them. Nubians really have quite an expansive goaty vocabulary. Thanks again, and I am sure we will be seeing you again at the market, (and I do have to pickup some cajeta. I love it but, have never had it really fresh.)
Anne and Edward Bornet

Blue Heron Farm said...

Glad you liked the cheese! It's the goats' hard work. ;)

I love the different voices, too. We can actually tell most of the goats identities without looking, just by the way they talk. And boy do some of them talk!