Saturday, July 19, 2008

Eunice and Frenda

Christian came with me to the Farmer's Market this morning; a rare treat for both of us. As usual we sold out. Today it was by about 10:030.

Before we came home, he let me detour us to Wabash Antiques & Feed - one of my very favorite places in Houston. Ever the generous husband, he allowed me to get a couple new hens. (Our gals are a little slow in the egg production these days.)

How ridiculous is it that we go INTO the city to buy livestock?!

Anyway, we named them after two of the first women we met in our local feed store. Eunice owns the land right in front of our house (as well as the feed store) and Frenda lives across 1488 from us. I thought it was great way to name a couple new ladies who will hopefully have a long history here in Field Store.

Here they are. Eunice is the Barred Rock (front) and I am still working on figuring out what breed Frenda is. They are both a little spooked still and haven't left the coop, though the door - as always - is wide open. I hope they settle in and start laying soon. :)

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Pam said...

Sorry I missed you on Saturday...had to work :-( I have been to Wabash once. I tried to convince my husband that if they sell chickens in Houston it must be legal to raise them. He wasn't buying it. And we actually live in Bellaire where they are probably not so tolerant of things like chickens in your backyard. Oh well.