Friday, July 11, 2008

Haaaa-aaaay, Part II

Wow. We're at about 325 bales and counting. Yesterday I estimated we had done 65%? I was wrong. Yesterday was 120 bales. We'll probably end up at around 500. Check out the barn before and afters:

<--Left side of b
arn, before

Right side of barn, before

Inside of barn, mos
t of the way through (It was so packed I couldn't shoot both sides!)
Outside of barn at break time
We had the much appreciated, hard-workin' help of some friends today. A big BHF shout out to supreme FOFs, the Carlson family. Katie, Kristen, Grace, Linnea and Tim came to load up hay and are coming back to finish after they milk their own goats. We have loaded up a trailer of hay for their troubles - another 50 or 60 bales, but it is nowhere near payment enough for such uncomplaining hard work. They are the coolest kids we know. (well, Tim's a grownup, but he's still alright) ;) Here are a couple action shots. Thanks again, Carlsons.

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