Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oh, for the love of Pete!

We have been "on baby watch" for over a week now.

Stupid, stupid Naomi - who we didn't see get bred and so don't know her due date - started to show an udder a MONTH ago. Since uddering up doesn't happen to most of our goats until about two, maybe three weeks MAX before they kid, we moved her into the "big girls" pen and started increasing her food ration. (Milkers require considerably more food to keep up milk production. You don't want to throw their systems out of whack by doubling or tripling their feed all at once, so we ramp 'em up over two weeks before they kid.)

Miss Naomi has been in the dang milkers lineup for a month now. And still no kids. Just when we think her udder could not get any more full, marking imminent kidding, it stretches out a bit more and keeps filling.

Here is Naomi today.

Where are they, Naomi? GIVE US THE DANG KIDS ALREADY!!!

Sorry. I haven't been sleeping. I've been getting up two or three times a night for the last two nights, going out to check if babies were on the way. I mean - you should feel how tight this udder is by evening. It couldn't possibly hold more. Until it does. I love this goat. But right now I don't like her much. She is driving me freakin' crazy.

...but all signs show she will be an excellent milker with a high output if she ever squirts those kiddos out.

While I was out there, I got a funny/sad photo of Limerick. She's due on the 13th. No uddder on her yet, but look at her big fat belly! I hope she has quads. These are the babies from the Big Yellow Stench. We can't wait to see what they will look like.


Annette said...

hmmm- not much sleep at calving, lambing. I can't wait for the 8th month mark for our puppy as the late night bathroom breaks are cruel to my sleep.

Great shots-- you are giving me great angle shot ideas for the cows and sheep. said...