Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mmmm...hmmmmmm that daddy.



And while with the last one, I was not yet sure if these guys were cute ... this one might just be winning me over.


Pam said...

Lisa, they are adorable! Wish I could see them in person (in goat?) Any luck selling the pig?

Blue Heron Farm said...

No pig buyers yet - haven't heard back from the guy who said maybe. Either way he goes to freezer camp on the 19th. said...

We would LOVE to buy your pigs. People in Texas must be crazy. Whey fed pork? Give me a break!

Freeze the hell out of it and pack it in dry ice and ship it overnight to us.

It aint sustainable or green, but I bet is sure is tasty as hell!

Blue Heron Farm said...

We may just have o send you some. I'll get in touch.

I made a ham the other day that Christian said was fabby. He also had the best pork chops evah the other day. He got all "Fabio" from Top Chef on 'em. ;) said...

Ok. Im game. Ill send you some...eggs?

I went tractor shopping yesterday. Looked at blue ones. Pretty blue ones.