Wednesday, November 19, 2008

T. Boone Lickens -- Kitty Microdermabrasionist

t. Boone Kittens is growing insanely fast and has really settled in to the "house kitty" lifestyle. He is especially fond - even possibly inappropriately in love - with his dog Diva. Luckily Diva is pretty patient with him. Though he doesn't always convince her to lick his head and nuzzle him as often as he would like, he does wrangle a fair amount of bum licking. ...animals.

But lest you think we have an almost normal animal at BHF, it is not true. Boone has issues that go beyond cross-species infatuation. It has become painfully (and I mean this literally) clear that Boone was weaned too young.

You see, T. Boone has a strange compulsion. Before he settles down to sleep he has to "nurse". What that boils down to here is a session of licking my face - or the face of anyone who will let him. I encouraged it when he was tiny - it was kind of cute that he wanted to sit on my shoulder and lick my nose. But now he is bigger and his tongue infinitely closer to the texture of a sanding wheel and he stands, much heavier, in the middle of my chest to lick larger patches of my face. The good news - he has arrested and reversed some burgeoning wrinkles. The bad news - he sometimes gets really obsessive and it feels like he has removed a whole dimple.

Sometimes I can get him to switch over and lick my hand, which is not as weird or painful. And sometimes I actually prove that I am not ruled by my kitten and I make him stop. Sometimes. Already today is not that day.

In any case, we love the little nut. I guess he's going to stay. You may schedule your dermabrasion appointments forthwith.

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Katherine said...

Great story, and adorable photo! You should add facial services to the list of farm visit attractions.