Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What the....?

I don't know how this happened, but Rosebud and Radiance are spooning on our bed now.

I guess we have two indoor kitties.


Spring Lake Farm said...

They are cats! They decide when it is time for you to pet them or when they want to be left alone. They decide when it's time to come indoors or when to go back outside. You really have no voice in the matter. After all they are "cats". (Of course, you may call them Your Majesty, if you wish.) ;)

Tacy said...

Oh, I just love this story! You are truly a "Cat Whisperer"! What lucky, lucky kitties. :-)

Tacy S.

Michael@greenakeys.com said...

Do the kitties like American Idol? Or are they more of The Wire sort of kitties?

Blue Heron Farm said...

Rosebud is afraid of the TV. :(

Radiance wants to watch shows about dogs getting beat up.